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Caffeine and ED, What is Connected?

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Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a nightmare for men. This condition affects a man stressful, lack of self confidence even can break the relationship with his partner. Generally, erectile dysfunction is caused by hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and psychological disorder.

Besides, some people claim that caffeine also can cause erectile dysfunction. But, is it right that caffeine can cause erectile dysfunction?

To know the answer why caffeine and ED is connected, firstly we have to know about ED deeply. Erectile dysfunction is defined as an inability of penis to obtain erection that cause dissatisfaction of our partner during sexual intercourse.

Physically, ED or impotence signed in some conditions. Firstly, when a man cannot keep maintaining erection during sexual performance. It is called premature ejaculation. It means that reproduction doesn’t work well.

Second, when the blood cannot be supplied by arteries to penis because of precipitates of nicotines in the blood. The other condition is when nervous system is damage. This causes impulses delivery from the brain to genital is disrupted and testosteron hormon is decrease. Hence, the man cannot feel stimulating from his partner.

caffeine and ED

Caffeine and ED :: There are Two Opinions

Well, let’s go back to our main topic. It is about caffeine and ED including relation in it. There are two opinions about it. Some people argue that caffeine can cause and some others argue that caffeine cannot affect it.

Each argument has their own reason of it. People who argues that caffeine can cause erectile dysfunction is an opinion which is referred to a study of Dr. David Lopez from The University of Texas Health Science Center di Houston (UTHealth). This research use National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data (2001-2004).

The data of this research shows that consuming caffeine in certain dosage can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Thus, caffeine can cause erectile dysfunction more serious. Unfortunately, this research isn’t powerful because there is some weakness in it, including in its population.

Besides it, consuming caffeine a lot it can increase excess hormone. This condition can influence sexual performance and decrease a man sexual desire. Then, consuming caffeine too much can make a man easy to be angry, depression and worried about everything. Those mental conditions can lead the decrease of man’s libido.

So, Does caffeine affect the ED?

In other hand, some people argue that caffeine cannot cause erectile dysfunction. It means that caffeine and erectile dysfunction is related by positive thing. It is reffered to some researches that show caffeine has positive effect for our body.

Of course, it occurs when we consume caffeine wisely. Some researches conclude that the content of caffeine can trigger structure of pharmacological effects which is good in making arteries and muscles of penis relax.

Indirectly, it can expedite vascular around penis and advance stamina which is useful during sexual intercourse. Even, caffeine is believed can cure man’s ED. This different opinion occurs because there is no study which explain the relation between clearly and surely.

By concerning caffeine and ED, good or bad of consuming caffeine to a sexual performance of a man is still discussed. Some people agree that consuming caffeine too much can cause erectile dysfunction while some others disagree.

They have their own reasons for it. It can be deny that caffeine has both positif and negative effects for our healthy. The most important thing is we should be nice to our body, because healthy is expensive.

We should make a deal with our body by doing everything wisely, including in consuming caffeine. If it consume it normally, it will give positive effects to our body. But, if consume it alot, of course it will give negative effect to our body.

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