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Can High Cholesterol Cause ED Problem?

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Erectile Dysfunction or ED is what men hate the most. However, almost all men experience ed in their life. A man always gets stressed when they can’t get an erection.

It can influence the quality of marriage life. Thus, it is important to know the cause of ed. And the question is can high cholesterol cause ed?

can high cholesterol cause ed

To answer the question, let’s find out first about ed and common issue regarding to it.

♦ Sexual arousal both men and women have is influenced by many factors involving part of body inside and out.

Blood vessel, hormone, brain, nerves, even emotion are all involved in someone’s sexual arousal. Thus, it needs examination to know the cause of ed because it’s such a complex process.

♦ The myth spreading is that young men cannot get erection because of mental health problem like stress or depression.

Meanwhile, old men cannot get erection because of physical health problem like aging. However, this is cannot be proved.

There are old men can erect like young men and vice versa. Age is one of the risks for men on getting erection but still, right examination is needed to decide the cause of ed.

♦ Lots of men tend to hide their ed and choose to keep silent.

They don’t seek for help from others. Some of them thought that it’s such an embarrasing problem to discuss. That’s what makes ed getting worse.

It is important that when a man has ed problem to consult with doctor. By doctor’s help, a man will be able to find out the cause and how to fix the problem.

Can High Cholesterol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

There are three issues causing erectile dysfunction. First is physical causes, second is psychological causes, third is the combination of both.

– Physical Causes

There are various physical causes influencing ed for men. They are obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, certain medification, alcohol, parkinson’s disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, certain surgery, tobacco, and many more.

It is important for men to keep their health because it influences their sex life. When physical problem become the main cause, men need to change life style according to doctor’s guide.

– Psychological Causes

Psychological causes relate to the brain’s response. How it reacts to some emotions can trigger ed or make it worse. The most common issues interfering sexual quality are stress, anxiety, depression, and problem regarding to relationships matter.

It is often that men cannot get erection while they are in stressed condition. It influences by the brain who sent negative emotions making men have less desire on doing sex, and so on.

– The Combination Causes

The combination of physical and psychological causes interfering ed is also happened to some men. It is often that a man gets stressed when they have a little problem over ed.

Hence, when there is a little problem to physical health, psycological causes make ed worse. Thus, it needs special treatment to fix it.

The question about can high cholesterol cause erectile dysfunction has been answered and it’s a Yes. High cholesterol is included into physical causes. Cholesterol often blocks blood circulation or blood vessels because it cannot dissolve in the blood.

Thus, a man with cholesterol level above 240 mg/dl have greater risk on having erectile dysfuction problem. To fix this problem, a man should do a tight diet to lower cholesterol level.

Cholesterol relates not only to ed but also to the overall of health system. Obesity and blood pressure are related to high cholesterol. Therefore, a right diet is needed to lower cholesterol level and also to lower other risks of health problem including ed.

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