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Be Careful to These Drugs that Cause Erectile Dysfunction!

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For most people with health problem, they usually take medicine to overcome their illness; whether it is light sickness even the hard one. However, taking medication to relieve the pain for heavy disease will take long time treatment.

Therefore, there will be side effect of the long use of certain prescription. One of the frightening side effects, especially for men, is getting Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the problem with your penis so that it cannot be hard easily or it is commonly named erection. For most men, erection occurs when the penis is touched or stimulated by the desire to have sex.

However, for men who suffer erectile dysfunction, it is hard to have erection because there is problem in their blood circulation in penis area. Accordingly, below will be explained some medicines or drugs that cause ED.

Anxiety medicine called “Benzodiazepines”

If you are having a problem with anxiety, then your doctor probably gives you this drug. This tablet can relieve you from disorder sleep, or frightening feeling. Consequently, you will feel calm after drinking this drug.

Nonetheless, benzodiazepines can loss your desire to have sex as it cut down man’s libido. Other medicines that are the same with benzodiazepines are Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and Librium. Hence, you need to ask your doctor to avoid prescribing this drugs that will cause ED for your excessive anxiety.

Depression drug named “Antidepressants”

This medication aids your anxiety feeling, and painful obsessive and compulsive disorder. Most of men who swallow this drug will get Erectile Dysfunction. It is because Antidepressants contain Celexa, Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro that affect the function of the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

It will affect you normal thinking so that you would not think of desire of having sex. Accordingly, you need to know your medicine first before drinking it so that it will prevent you from drugs that cause ED.

Blood Pressure problem medication identified “Beta Blockers”

The main cause of Erectile Dysfunction is there is the interruption of blood flow that runs into penis’ blood vessel. For some people who had high blood pressure, doctor will usually prescribe beta blockers to lower the blood pressure.

Nevertheless, this drug can cause ED. It triggers men’s excitement to have sex and also chaos to have erection. Another drug that is given to control blood pressure is Thiazides. It is also the drug that causes erectile dysfunction. Therefore, for men who had hypertension, it is better for you to avoid this drug that causes ED.

Drugs that cause ED :: Allergic medicine named “Antihistamine”

For men who suffer allergic, having antihistamine is the worse choice. Although it can relieve your allergic, of hay for instance, this drug will not save you from getting Erectile Dysfunction. Antihistamine can lower your erection process.

That is because most allergic drugs let the patience to be calm down to relieve the reaction of allergic to something; such as sneezing, or itchy. Therefore, this can also loss your desire to have sex.

Stomach problem drug called “H2 Blockers”

The stomach problem is the disease that attack digestive organs such as kidney, gastric, and intestinal disorder. However, this medication is for the high level of stomach problem. Therefore, the side effect of this medicine is serious; causing erectile dysfunction.

That is because the drug can quickly relieve the pain caused by those digestive organs disorder. Moreover, it can affect the decrease of sperm count.

To sum up, taking medicine to cure your heavy illness is alright as far as the medicine is safe for your body; it does not cause side effect that raise another sickness, erectile dysfunction for example. However, if you had got erectile dysfunction because of drugs that cause ED, there is another way that is safer than having medication for your diseases.

That is by herb ingredient. Herbal things have minimum side effect or even no side effect for your body. Accordingly, you can get ancient recipe to treat erectile dysfunction you may visit this website. There is also video that can change your mind of curing premature ejaculation or to get erect on demand. Do not forget to always see your doctor for more detail of your disease and your erectile dysfunction.

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