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The Logic Relation between ED and Diabetes

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There is some problem of ed and diabetes that commonly happened in the same time. Most cases of ED in conjunction with other diseases that have it problems such as diabetes. Many men with diabetes, they also experience ED problems.

Why does it happen? Based on the research of experts, it happens because they both have a close relationship.

Diabetes when that happens, it will automatically also affect other health as the occurrence of ED. Even based on these data, nearly 60 percent of people with diabetes, they are also suffering from ED.

That’s because there is a problem blockage in blood flow supply to the penis. When that happens, the penis does not have the ability to have an erection.

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The Risk of Diabetes for ED

It is not wrong actually if there is a close relation between ed and diabetes. Diabetes is one of the problems or disruption of the metabolism of glucose.

When it happened, then it will be bad for the sexual organ especially to respond the entire sexual thing to be sexual instinct.

The ED problem for the men who are also getting the diabetes problem actually will be more dangerous because it can give the more risk.

You perhaps know that the risk of diabetes is very so high for the long life because it can give the bad impact for the other healthy problem especially for the erection function which commonly disturbed.

The Logic Cause of Blood Flow

This problem then causes an increase in blood sugar levels or commonly referred to as hyperglycemia. In the long run, uncontrolled diabetes can lead to various complications and one of them affects the low erection problems.

For an erection, the male body requires healthy blood vessels, while, quite a long time diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves that control erections.

In this case, usually there is the formation of plaque in blood vessels, lowering the amount of blood flowing into the penis.

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A Nervous Disorder between ED and Diabetes

Besides the issue of blockage of blood flow, it also sometimes occurs because of a nervous disorder in sensory nerves, motor nerves, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous.

Those nervous are very important for supplying the need of sexual instinct. It is happened because there is some factors on diabetes disease also which give the bad impact to the health of the nerves.

When the disorders happen, you make sure to know that there are some bad functions also for the sexual instinct.

What Must Be Done?

If that happens, then the question is what to do. You should know that there are many ways offered to treat ED, but specifically for people with diabetes need to be considered carefully.

It would be better is if a diabetic is trying to solve the problems of diabetes first. If diabetes is cured, then automatically, ED problems will also disappear and your sex activity can return to normal again.

Find out what causes diabetes and then avoid it to mitigate this problem becomes more complicated and problematic.

How About Capsule ED?

There are many ED drugs are offered one of them is in the form of a pill or capsule. Well, based on advice from the experts, you should avoid the use of the capsules especially for those of you are also suffering from heart disease.

Indeed, sometimes the complications of diabetes provides health problem not only in the ED but also on other issues such as heart disease.

Therefore, maybe you should avoid this type because it is not healthy for your health. In addition, it is also important that for you to know that there are other ways that can be done as a recovery.

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ED can be happened along with the arrival of other health problems such as diabetes. It happened as a result of complications caused by the diabetes problem.

Well, maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes could be the right steps to avoid more severe problems RISK including ED. You have to start from looking for the best selection of the healthy lifestyle including eating, exercising and even the sexual habit.

Those must be done in healthy way because it can help you to avoid some big problem like Diabetes and ED because of ed and diabetes has a close relation.

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