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The Way Out for ED and Heart Disease

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Blood vessel is the key of ED and heart disease. When you have heart disease, at that moment you may have ED.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is inability to have erection when have sex. Moreover if you are 40 years old, those risks look so clear. We avoid both of diseases from now on before 40 years old.

It is not about right medicine only, but also lifestyle. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease have tight relation. Try to flashback your lifestyle.

Is it healthy? Or you may have bad habit until now?

Here some bad habits that impacts your healthy and trigger disease to come to your body. We call it the causes of Erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

ed and heart disease

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease 

Check your habit a month ago and move into better life! 

1. Consume Alcohol

Hello good people, for your information from long time ago, alcohol in fact gives negative side to our body. Alcohol makes you warm in cold weather but at the time indeed when you are being addicted, it is dangerous.

It attacks the central system in your body and disturb whole metabolism. You lose your concentration and attract serious disease to come. Heart disease, stroke, ED, and so on is the example of disease.

2. Smoking Addicted

Feel that you are a real man when smoking is not right. Feel relax; fly, free, and another bias feeling after smoking is just harassment to make you keep on smoking. Everyone knows that it is full of risks.

Men, it may today you won’t get the effect, but as the time goes by, that negative impacts will come to your body slowly. It is not threat, but it is fact. Nicotine blocks blood vessel flow into whole body.

Slowly one of you will have heart disease and it also impact your sex life. You are inability to hold erection longer again. Do you dare to make her unsatisfied?

3. Stress

This factor is most sources for many diseases. It comes from any problem. Everyone has different management to handle it. But if you let stress be your best friend, it is not possible you will get serious disease. Heart attack, lose your hair, and even ED are the risk of stress.

4. Sleep Over Night

Often stay out is success to disturb the metabolism. Every part of your body feels not ok then. Your skin is being unhealthy. Fatigue also comes. Besides them, heart disease and ED as serious problem may attack you suddenly.

Why? Because you less of take a rest. Whereas we have own schedule to take a rest our body. Manage it well and do consistent.

5. Eat More Junk Food

Junk food is delicious. You may consume it, but it is not good effect after long period. It has much high cholesterol and makes your body unhealthy. Reduce and avoid junk food from now on is best way.

The Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease 

Check directly your healthy to doctor. You need to know well you’re in healthy condition or not. Narrowing blood vessel is common problem that triggers Erectile dysfunction and heart disease because the blood flows not smoothly.

1. Do Healthy Diet

Stable your weight becomes ideal to make you easy in control your body. Reduce junk food, eat more vegetables, fruits, fewer sugar, fewer red meat, are a must be chosen.

2. Get Moving

Exercise is important for short and long period. Besides make you health, it is also gives another positive impact to your metabolism. Avoid hard saddle if you love riding bike, it is dangerous for penile area. Swimming, jogging, gymnastic, and so on can be chosen.

3. Yoga

It is totally give you positive impacts. Exhale and inhale are learnt here. This exercise is also avoiding you from stress. You trained to be calm down and relax. It increases the concentration and helps the blood vessel flow smoothly.

4. Be Positive Thinking

When you always have negative thinking for everything, it disturbs you a lot. It may cause stress and triggers another disease. So, take a deep breath and think everything well.

Communicate everything with your partner is a must to cure ED and heart disease faster.

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