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Solutions for ED in Men Over 40

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ED in men over 40 often happen. It causes low testosterone levels that make some men have got erectile dysfunction or ED. 40 years old mean that body’s production for that kind of hormones decreases.

It is similar with decreasing estrogen and progesterone in every woman that caused menopause. Low testosterone production makes you get some risk of diseases such as decreased desire to have sex, depressed feeling, fatigue, and so on.

ED in man over 40 years old impacts his life and his partner life. Marriage is a relationship between two people that love and care each other that promise together forever. Sex life is one of factor beside others to tight up the harmony between married couple.

When one of couple less desire to have sex or inability to satisfied his partner, at that time your marriage threaten. Even you lose yourself. Feel that you are not worth for your wife.

ed in men over 40

Tips to Triggers Sex Desire 

Those are the tips before ED syndrome worse.

1. Try New Sex Position 

If you have sex in same style in long period, it may cause your wife becomes bored and her bad mood impact to you. You lose self confident and accidentally your woody is not full.

If you let this condition, you will poor. It may cause ED. View some sex position that has not try yet before. Just choose safe position only. New position may change your sex life becomes on fire again.

2. Doing Foreplay 

Man, you can’t directly attack your wife with your full woody. Sometimes she is not ready yet. Touch her intimate before have sex. That’s why sometimes foreplay is important before you have a real sex.

3. Touch Her in Right Spot 

Woman has sensitivity in some areas. Lips, breasts, shoulder, back of ears are one of sensitivity spot. Touch her there and she will let you to have intimate sex.

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The Causes and Solutions of Erectile Dysfunction

When the tips above are not effective, you need to find out the causes of ED soon. It causes by: 

1. Smoking 

If you are very active smoker, ED is the effect of smoking habit. Smoking impacts your whole life. It includes ED and other serious diseases.

Nicotine blocks the blood vessels into penile area and then inability to hold an erection comes. It happens when you reach 40 years old. Quit smoking from now on is solution.

2. Alcohol Addicted 

If you think alcohol is good, you’re false. It disturbs central system and the entire body. It gives serious impact, indeed ED. Reduce or stop consuming alcohol is better.

3. Unhealthy food 

Junk food, rich of carbohydrate and etc that makes you unhealthy need to avoid from now. It triggers obesity and high cholesterol.

Moreover, when you are 40 years old, those kinds of food trap you in big trouble of healthy. Do a balanced diet with consume more vegetables, fruits; fewer red meat, and much mineral water are the solution. Your body becomes so fresh and healthy.

4. Often stay out 

Sleep over night that doing often impact the healthy. Stroke, heart attack, and even ED are one of serious disease. As we know that, our body needs time to take a rest. So arrange your sleep schedule and be consistent.

5. Stress 

Stress comes from everything that you think it is hard. Do not be too hard to yourself and be calm down in any situation must be trained.

Share everything with your wife, even if your wife as listener, at least let her know your problem. Or you can holiday for a while with your wife and get fresh air. Stress traps you failed to get longer erection when have sex.

Another solution ED in man over 40 who has ED, invite your wife and yourself to do spa and facial regularly. 40 years old sometimes have not ok from physical appearance side. Spent time together is a must to make both of you get relax.

And this site offers you natural treatments to cure your ED. He is Max Miller who was ED sufferer. He gives you the solution based on his experience and research. The result will amaze you a lot then.

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