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ED Treatment Options Which Are Available Now

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Getting the right ED treatment options is patients’ right because medical doctor should take care of patient in order to get cure in next to no time.

Doctors have duty to take care of their patients until they are healed and providing the best treatment with fewer side effects is also important. Actually, the one who know what you should take or avoid is your doctor even you have right to ask or know your treatment before you take it.

You do not feel embarrassed to ask about your treatments to your doctor because as patients, you should know it. But to get the best treatment for your sexual problem, you need to tell what your body feel or real condition of your symptoms because doctors will give the best treatment if they know what your condition.

They also will know it based on some tests that you took. When you see the doctor to talk erectile dysfunction, they will tell some ED treatments options complete with its side effects. So, you can know what you should take and when you have taken it, you already know with its side effects.

Treatments for ED have been developed by some medical doctors and also pharmaceutical companies. They claimed that their products are the best treatments for erectile dysfunction but you cannot take it immediately without consult it to doctor because every patients have different conditions and needs as well.

Your doctor will tell you about ED treatment options and he also will tell you the benefits and risks of each treatments. It helps you decide which treatments fit you and how you can manage it.

Available ED treatment options

Treatments for patients with erectile dysfunction are various; it depends on the reasons of this sexual dysfunction. Generally, there are two kinds of causes relating to erectile dysfunction; physical and psychological factors.

Each factors need different treatment and it makes patients with erectile dysfunction should tell what their condition honesty because it supports their medication. There are number of ED treatment options and it has benefit and risk as well but choosing the right treatment with fewer risk is patients’ right and doctor can do it for them.

ED treatment options based on physical factors

Physical factors causing erectile dysfunction involves serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, obesity, heart disease, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis and also enlarge prostate gland.

If the reasons of erectile dysfunction are those diseases, it means you should get treatment for those diseases first and also changing bad habit. Treatments relating to changing bad habit include stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking, having exercise regularly, eating healthy food, consuming less sugar, taking enough rest and also reducing stress.

Other medications

Other medications that are commonly taken for patients with erectile dysfunction are Viagra, levitra or cialis. Those medication increase the blood flow to the penis and it has side effects as well. Those are vision change, dizziness, headache, nasal congestion, upset stomach and facial flashing.

Your doctors will tell you about benefit and risk of certain treatments, so you can decide whether you will take it or not. In addition, if you have certain serious disease such as diabetes and low blood pressure, you are prohibited to take medication for erectile dysfunction because it will worsen your condition.

The third medication of ED treatments options is erection-inducing injection and replacement testosterone. These treatments need supervision from medical doctor because it has side effects; aching in the penis, acne, increased urination, breast enlargement, mouth irritation and even scarring.

If you do not accept such side effects, it is better you to take another medication.

The fourth treatment option for erectile dysfunction is vacuum pump, blood vessel surgery and penile implant. Those have side effects as well and no every patient can take these medications.

These are non-drug medications; vacuum pump is tool that men use before having sex, blood vessel surgery is treatment for patients with leaking vessel and penile implant where implant is inserted to penis by surgery. The risk of surgery treatment is infection and even natural alternative can be effective.

The last option is natural remedy. This sounds better for patients but some men cannot find easily these medications but if you want you can get it. Those natural remedies such as red ginseng and rhodiola rosea, amino acid (L-Arginine), DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) or traditional treatment like acupuncture.

ED treatment options based on psychological factor

Erectile dysfunction causing psychological factor such as mental illness need special treatment. Have counseling with therapist and asking your partner to have treatment as well. Especially for you who have problem with relationship experience or lack of confidence.

Supporting from your partner or wife has important role for erectile dysfunction based on psychological factor. Then, if you want to heal erectile dysfunction with a program include herbal remedy, exercise and healthy habit, you can try ED Reverser. Some men proved this program as the best medication for erectile dysfunction and know more by clicking here.

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