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3 Kinds of Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction Alcohol

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Everybody knows a short term issue that a person drinks too much can cause an inability to perform sexually in short time. Alike with relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction alcohol means that consuming alcohol too much is one of causes which affects erectile dysfuction to a man.

However, how far the alcoholic beverages also cause ED? Consuming too much alcohol can harm a man not only physically but also mentally. Physically, it damages the nervous system by influencing the relationship between the brain and the genitals while it will increase stress of the man mentally.

Talking about alcohol and ED, health experts around the world agree that excessive alcohol consumption gradually can lead to a decrease in sexual desire which finally appears ED or impotence.


How can alcohol harm physical and psychological health of a man? Here the answers of it.

Alcohol affects the nervous system and disrupt the impulses delivery from brain, it is pituitary gland, to genitals. The nervous system itself is responsible during erection process because by this system there is triggering the signal for widening and relaxation of the blood vessels in the penis.

It is reffered to a study shows that consuming alcohol too much  causes permanent damage to the nerves in the penis, while for a guy who drink alcohol occasionally, it is found some risk such as loss of sexual sensation, inability to achieve orgasm, and temporary impotence.

Moreover, Alcohol also damages the release of hormones, particularly testosterone and estrogen. Low levels of testosterone reduces arousal and sexual performance of men.

Drinking alcohol a lot during a long time period can destroy the cells of the testes. Thus, the testicles will be shrink. In addition, alcohol can also affect quality of sperm. The content of the alcohol can change normal sperm structure and inhibits the metabolism of Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy of sperm itself.

Many alcoholics also have significant psychological problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. They are often caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Psychological factors also cause impotence because those conditions are occured simultaneously, the risk of erectile dysfunction alcohol will increase even get worse.

What should you do if you have erectile dysfunction alcohol above?

The first thing that you have to do is stopping to consume alcohol. But, it is not enough to recover your condition.  Then, you should take medicine or drugs even though it is chemical or herbal drugs. Using of drugs can make the blood vessels in penis relax and allow penis to obtain erection.

Unfortunately, the using of chemical drugs has many side effects such as  headache, nasal congestion, nausea, chest pain, and visual disturbances. Moreover, non-drug  treatment can be used as the other alternatif to cure erectile dysfunction besides them.

It includes penile implants, hormon replacement therapy and blood vessel surgery. Penile implants is worked by inserting implants to the penis surgically by using pump as implant is used to pull blood into penis before intercourse.

Unfortunately, infections in genital organ becomes the risk of this method.

Then, hormon replacement therapy is available in the form of cream, topical solution, skin patch, injection form that is placed under the skin. The last is blood vessel surgery. It is recommended only when there is a leaking vessels in penis.

So, what will you choose to cure your erectile dysfunction alcohol? Of course you have to choose the best treatment for it, appropriate to your symptoms.

It is not surprised that you are confuse in choosing one of them because each treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you need more information about the best treatments to your ED problem, click this site.

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2 Comments for 3 Kinds of Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction Alcohol

  • Thanks for talking about erectile dysfunction here. One thing that I learned was that by drinking too much, you could actually impair the nerves in your genitals. My wife and I are looking forward to some more fun times in the future, and I do not want to disappoint her in the bedroom. Thanks!

    • Reynold says:

      You are welcome 🙂

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