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Must Know Facts about Erectile Dysfunction Injections

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Making love is something that men are hard to be avoided; above all, for whom had Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Taking a medicine is a bit common for most people to treat this ejaculatory problem.

However, if we drink medicine to get erection, this will take much time to get the result.

Accordingly, other ways are made to help men with Erectile Dysfunction to get erection. One of the booming methods is applying erectile dysfunction injections.

Although many men in the world are definitely frightened to penile injection, some of them fortunately feel satisfied after they try to use it in the first time. Accordingly, here are several facts that you must know related to ED injections.

erectile dysfunction injections

Reasons to Use Erectile Dysfunction Injections

It is highly optional for men with high application of medication. It is recommended for diabetes men, prostate cancer, and serious heart attack disease.

Why? That is because it is safer for them to get instant erection. There will not be any pressure in your penis to get firm. Most ED injections can work within a few minutes to get erect penis without create pain.

Moreover, many men feel their desire to improve premature ejaculation (to have sexual activity normally) increase. Then, they are comfort to have long last enjoyment sex performance in bed due to ED injections.

Approximately, the erection will stand for 30 to an hour so that you will enjoy the play longer. Then, the sensation will end until you get your ejaculation.

Contents of Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many compounds of penile injections that are produced by several companies. Nevertheless, the most common elements on injections for erectile dysfunction are Prostaglandin E, Papaverine hydrochloride, Phentolamine or Regitine.

Prostaglandin E is the natural hormone in your body. Commonly found in the drug Alprostadil which are the synthetic form of Prostaglandin E-1. Papaverine hydrochloride has the same reaction with Prostaglandin.

It relaxes penis muscles to support the supply of blood flow. Phentolamine also has the same job as Papaverine. Consequently, those drugs have the same purpose. That is to make the flow of blood circulation around penis and to create erection.

Side Effects of Using Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

  • When you apply Alprostadil only on your penile injection, this will cause groin pain. This discomfort would be worse when you are standing and relieve when you have got your climax. Accordingly, the prescription should be complete (as written above) so you will get painless.
  • You will get several scars or even bruises in the penis area. That is due to the needle’s application. Additionally, your inner side of your penis also can have scars. Therefore, injection spot should be different for every treatment.
  • The erection that does not want to go down may happen in injections for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, sometimes, men will suffer painful sustain erection named priapism. Hence, you need to see your doctor if you get erection for more than three hours.

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Numerous Tips for Erectile Dysfunction Injections Application

  1. You have to inject at the base level of your penis and the position of the needle should be at angle 90
  2. After injection, spin the penis to distribute the medicine.
  3. Substitute the site of injection on the right or the left side of your penis to reduce the risk of scarring.
  4. Press the injection spot after application for one or two minutes. If bleeding happens, keep up the pressure for five minutes.
  5. Do not ever re-inject once you have injected, even if you are not sure that you have not injected it appropriately.
  6. Do not have an injection regularly for more than 48 to 72 hours.
  7. Some injection medications require cold condition so you need to save it on your fridge. In addition, several medicines also loss its efficacy after seven days. Thus, you need to read the information applied around the medication’s bottle before you use it.

To conclude, having erectile dysfunction injections are save if you can use it properly and by doctor’s suggestions first. Moreover, if you want to know more about erectile dysfunction and its treatments, you are pleased to visit this website.

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