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The Simplest Erectile Dysfunction Massage

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Sexual dysfunction becomes frightening for men because they are worried that they cannot make their partner happy. It is normal because sex is the most important biological need. Unfortunately, percentage of sexual dysfunction advance today.

ED is usually caused by abnormal blood vessels, nerves as the side effects of drug-and mental disorders factor. Indeed, many factors cause ED both physically and psychologically. There are many ways to solve ED problem.

One of the most natural and recommended is erectile dysfunction massage. Because ED is one of diseases which can make the sufferer feel embarrashed, here it can be explained the simplest erectile dysfunction massage.

So that, if you have ED problem you can do it at home with your partner.

The simplest erectile dysfunction massage is a massage in the part of the foot because foot is one of important parts in our body. You have to know that massage on the feet provides mind and body relaxation because it can multiply oxytocin hormone in our body.

erectile dysfunction massage

Besides, Foot massage can also build sexual desire naturally, because the nervous system that are directly related to sexual arousal is widely available on the feet. Foot massage also stimulates in releasing toxins from the body. Well, here the 4 ways to do foot massage.

Firstly, clean your feet with warm water. This is done by preparing a container of warm water or a towel which is soaked in warm water to clean the feet. Soak your feet in a container of warm water or wrap in a warm towel. This method will also make your partner feel more comfortable to do massage.

The second, use lotion with lavender aroma. Lavender aroma is chosen because it will stimulate sexual desire between you and your partner. Then, do massage on all parts of the feet soles.

In reflexology which has same root with acupuncture, it is explained that feet relate to all parts of the body. Toes are correlated with the head. Perhaps you’ve heard, through reflexology mentioned that if you are headache, just press your toes. This is caused by sensitive areas at the base of the toes is also a point that is connected to the neck.

Then, certain parts of the foot sole is connected tothe stomach whilethe outside ofthefoot is-the points of massage to backbone. Thus, to understandthe exactpoint of reflectionand its effecton the health ofthe head, neck, abdomen, backbone, anddisruptionof certaindiseases, youneed tolearn more.

By doing a simple massage, you can stimulate the nerve points and provide relaxation for your partner.

One thing that you should do in this moment is Feeling each flowed vibe when your partner do massage. The last is do masage upward. This massage is done because ankle usually tends to tense. By doing a gentle massage on the feet, it will help in relaxing the joints.

After that, lay your body and enjoy it when your partner begins to do massage. Your partner should start doing the massage from the heelto the toe by usingher thumb.

Do it slowly with light pressure. Hence, you will not feel amused. Next, do massage also on the toes and pull each finger for 10 seconds. Then, massage from the calf to the knee slowly.

Those the ways above are the simplest erectile dysfunction massage. Perhaps, by doing this masage it can make you relax and build your sexual intercourse with your partner.

So, do you want to try it? Let’s do it now. If you want to know the other simple erectile dysfunction massages, you can visit here.

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