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Various Food for Erectile Dysfunction Most Efficacious

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ED or erectile dysfunction may occur in men at this time, and even have appeared since ancient times.

Erection can be weakened and does not function normally due to several factors.

The cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological disorders and physical conditions are not stable, so that it can lead to thoughts and feelings that are not able to respond to the ongoing sexual relationship. Erectile dysfunction leads to reduced sex drive in a man.

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The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Sometimes a person can not realize what the cause of his illness, so suddenly a disease can attack his body.

Erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone. Initially, erectile dysfunction only occurs with little affect on the male erection short time.

However, if allowed to continue, then the disease becomes more severe and can even make a man into a depression.

Erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of two factors:

  • Factors psychology

Psychological state was not good indeed trigger a weak erection. ED can be caused by a sense of anxiety and excessive fear, and feelings that do not support due to fatigue.

Mental state is not good also trigger erectile dysfunction, such as for example traumatized by an accident or injury.

  • Physical factors and disease from the body

Poor physical condition would not support an erection during intercourse. Therefore, it takes the body a healthy and fresh when they want sex.

Physical conditions were too tired too is not very good to have sex, so you can avoid erectile dysfunction.

For some of the diseases that have suffered are also able to trigger erectile dysfunction. Some of these diseases include heart disease, diabetes, vascular disease, nerve cell damage, and other diseases.

Natural Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

food for erectile dysfunction 2After knowing the causes of erectile dysfunction, then you need to solve it as soon as possible.

Be careful not to let it constantly. In addition to visiting the doctor or medical treatments, you can do a natural way that is easier and cheaper.

The natural way that you can do is to take some food for erectile dysfunction.

It is actually no special foods that can cure erectile dysfunction. However, by consuming foods that contain nutrients and nutrition, it can help cure erectile dysfunction, because of course your body needs nutrients to restore to normal erection.

Some Food for Erectile Dysfunction that You Can Consume Such As:

1. Banana

This fruit contains potassium which is capable of increasing blood circulation and nourish the heart. With the smooth blood flow then sex becomes more normal and your strong erection.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranates contain antioxidants that can aid blood flow to the penis, so that it can help improve erection.

3. Cherry

Cherry is a fruit that contains anthocyanins are able to better blood flow to the penis, so that it can launch an erection during sex.

4. Wine

This fruit contains quercetin which is able to increase libido. In addition, the wine was also able to increase testosterone levels in the body. Wine is also able to lose weight for those who are obese so as to avoid the erectile dysfunction.

5. Tomato

Tomato can protect the body from being affected by cancer. Tomatoes can also improve sperm.

6. Watermelon

Watermelon fruit contains amino acids to the blood flow to the penis, so it can also strengthen erections thus providing greater strength during intercourse.

food for erectile dysfunction

7. Ginger

Ginger is a spice that can improve blood flow to the penis so that it can provide a higher arousal during sex. In addition, ginger is also able to be heart healthy so they can avoid erectile dysfunction.

8. Spinach

Spinach is a vegetables that contain magnesium and minerals. The content in spinach is able to cure inflammation of the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow into the penis. Spinach is also able to increase sex drive in men.

9. Salmon

These fish contain fatty acids and omega-3 that can nourish the heart, and increases blood flow mainly toward the bottom. With the emphasis on eating salmon then becomes a higher sex drive.

10. Potato

Potatoes have plenty of potassium that is capable of increasing blood circulation to the penis, thus helping provide high strength while having sex.

11. Spicy sauce

Chilli has function to increase testosterone levels. Additionally, spicy sauce can also reduce abdominal fat so that it can treat obesity, and can increase the size of sex organs.

12. Chicken breast

Did you know that the chicken breast is a food for ED. Chicken breast contains a lot of vitamin B that is able to treat erectile dysfunction and can provide power during sex.

13. Celery

Celery contains androsterone can increase male sex drive and give the impression of masculine higher so that it can lure your partner easily.

You can consume some of these foods. Hopefully food for erectile dysfunction can help you quickly, so you can normally get back in touch with your partner.

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