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Having Trouble Staying Hard in Men and The Solution

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Any time a man can having trouble staying hard and suffer from erectile dysfunction, and even without realizing it.

Erectile dysfunction can occur when the feelings and thoughts of a man is not able to provide high response for erections that occur during sex.

Almost all men suffer from erectile dysfunction feel shy and not confident of himself and of his partner. Shame and self-confidence will only make him into a depression if not treated immediately.

When you feel that you having trouble to keep hard, it would be better if you consult to your doctor before treatment own way.

You can also do anxiety counseling and counseling psychology at the psychologist. This is necessary because the main cause of erectile dysfunction is due to psychological disorders and physical weakness.

having trouble staying hard

How Can a Man Having Trouble Staying Hard?

Having trouble to keep hard can happened to any man. You will feel tired immediately when it reaches an erection during sex.

When you stop it then it is likely to make your partner disappointed, and even you will feel ashamed of yourself as a man who has masculine. You will feel instantly lose your masculinity.

When you can not keep an erection achieve sexual function, then it is called as erectile dysfunction. That’s why you need to know the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Several different causes of having trouble to keep hard include:

1. The physical condition is not normal

Sometimes, when you feel tired you are still forced to have sex with. However, it actually needs to avoid.

It would be better if you have sex when you’re fit physical condition, so do not hurt yourself and your partner.

Due to poor physical condition due to fatigue will only aggravate the situation when you have sex.

When you tired, you will not be able to achieve an erection up to sexual function. So you can not keep an erection that is happening, and this is precisely stop enjoyment and even your sex drive is reduced.

2. Emotionally unstable

Emotion is one of the connecting factors in sex. Unstable emotions will thwart an erection that you are trying to accomplish.

For examples of emotion such as the emergence of anxiety and worries as a result of problems related to the outside. You need to avoid the emotion of anger, fear, anxiety and others so that your relationship is much more enjoyable.

3. Mental state is not good

You also need to prepare mentally before having sex. You need to have a healthy physical strength and strong, as well as mature sex drive.

Do not let your mental condition suddenly deteriorated during intercourse.

Mental conditions that often lead to erectile dysfunction are excessive anxiety and trauma caused by accident or otherwise, and the injuries to the members of your body.

4. The effects of the illness

Erectile dysfunction can also occur due to the effects of pollen disease you are suffering. In general, a disease that can trigger erectile dysfunction is heart disease.

Surely heart disease will reduce your physical strength and muscles weaken and disrupt nerve cells during sex, until finally you are not able to achieve erectile function.

In addition, other diseases is diabetes that sometimes makes the body feel weak and not strong, even reducing appetite and arousal during sex.

Erectile dysfunction is also caused due obesity, therefore you need to have a stable weight and ideal so that your sex is much more enjoyable.

Erectile dysfunction is also caused by vascular disease, and also due to the interrupted blood flow to the penis taken so no strength for a man to achieve an erection time. Other disease is rising high blood pressure.

How Having Trouble To Keep Hard Can Be Overcome?

Every man who having trouble to keep hard, it would be better to keep his mental condition. Men should not easily discouraged, so that he could perform the treatment in various ways to cure erectile dysfunction are being suffered.

For starters, it would be better if you tell your partner, so there is no disappointment that appears on your partner.

Thus, you also need to establish better communication so that your wife can understand how you feel, and she could still support you in many ways. Should not the husband and wife should support each other under any circumstances.

Next, you can contact a doctor for a consultation. You can perform medical treatments such as penis pumps, vascular surgery, injections, penile implants, testosterone replacement, penile suppositories and more.

In addition, you can also do the herbal treatment is easier and cheaper, and certainly without any side effects.

Herbal easiest way is to do a sport. The better and simply is by walking along the 2 miles every day.

You also need to consume nutritious foods that can improve blood circulation and increase testosterone levels. Because of that, to get more complete information about having trouble staying hard, you also need to open this link.

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