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High Blood Pressure and ED Disease

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High blood pressure and ED link each other. Both of diseases are caused by unstable blood vessel. To cure erectile dysfunction or ED you must decrease high blood pressure first.

The problem is some of high blood pressure caused ED, so the sufferer irregularly takes the medicine. Even they stop to consume high blood pressure meds when they’ve got side effect.

Hypertension and ED happen to every man who has unhealthy lifestyle. Most of them manage their lifestyle to be better, but there are some men need to take the meds to cure hypertension.

Diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide and beta blockers such as atenolol are associated with erectile issue. Those are the first drug given by doctor when the patient is not able to solve high blood pressure with only diet and exercise.

high blood pressure and ed

Hypertension and ED Factors

There are some factors that trigger sexual problems:

  • Emotionally is one of psychological factor that affect mind. Stress and depression are another example factor that creates sexual problems.
  • High blood pressure caused occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Abnormal blood pressure makes blood vessels narrowed and disturb whole metabolism. Indeed, penile area disturbed.
  • Daily habits trap you on health problem. Smoking and alcohol of bad habits that cause hypertension and ED. Quit from both of them to save your sexual life and healthy. Sleep over night is also must be deleted from your habit list. All bad habits are success lead you in some diseases and even serious because disturb metabolism.
  • Unhealthy food. We often eat food based on we want not we need. For example the food that has high sugar, carbohydrate, and cholesterol like junk food. If we usually consume that kind of food, it may make hypertension and ED comes.

Hypertension and ED Meds

The following are low risk meds for high blood pressure that rarely caused ED:

1. ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker II)

Losartan and valsartan are one of ARB. Those meds decrease high blood pressure without have side effect to erectile dysfunction.

2. ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) Inhibitor

Captopril and lisinopril are the example of ACE inhibitor. It rarely triggers ED.

3. Alpha Blocker

Based on research, alpha blocker rarely gives bad effect such as erectile dysfunction.

4. Calcium Channel Blockers

Diltiazem, amlodipine, and verapamil rarely create ED or impotence when you take it.

Hypertension and ED Impacts Sexual Life

Hypertension is serious disease that impacts sexual life such as ED, ejaculation, and libido decreasing. It happens because:

  1. Hypertension disturbs arterial tissue in the penis. It allows a vital is not able to relax the muscles and the effect is you are not able to hold an erection.
  2. Men who suffer hypertension more frequently have low testosterone level. Whereas, it is important for a man’s sex life.

Hypertension and ED Natural Treatments

Sometimes a sufferer doesn’t aware that they have got hypertension and ED. Then you must do medical checkup regularly to know your condition.

Here are some natural treatments to cure from hypertension and ED:

1. Avoid stress

Be positive thinking and avoid stress. Monthly holiday with your wife is needed then to refresh your mind. You also can share with her to decrease your problem and solve it together.

2. Get exercise

Make the blood vessel flows smoothly. Gymnastics, swimming, and so on kind of exercise can be chosen. Reduce or avoid riding bike often because it is dangerous enough to your penile area because it has hard saddle.

3. Doing balanced diet

Fewer red meat, more vegetables and fruits are very good for your health. It is also what our body needed. Even you’re on diet, your body need enough nutrition to balance the metabolism.

4. Take ED reverser program

It may new things for you. ED reverser program gives the central information in your hands based on Max Miller research result.

He was also ED sufferer. This is a comprehensive program for men who have ED disease. Your self confidence will be back and your wife will be satisfied. ED reverser program answers your entire ED problem well.

High blood pressure and ED disease are needed to solve from now on. Do not hesitate because these problems are still treatable.

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