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Home Remedies for ED with Watermelon Juice

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Erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual condition in which a man cannot keep/get an erection of the penis during the sexual intercourse.

This health condition can be triggered by diabetes, stroke, hypertension, stress, anxiety, atherosclerosis, alcohol and tobacco intake, and many more.

In some way, erectile dysfunction can be the sign of blocked blood vessel which is caused by plaque build up. Man in the age group for 40 and up has the chance to get the erectile dysfunction especially those who have the certain medical condition.

home remedies for ed with watermelon juice

For years, people with erectile dysfunction seek for natural remedies to treat the condition. Home remedies for ED is an option that is quite popular today.

Watermelon For ED

There are plenty of food and herbs that are believed can treat erectile dysfunction. Watermelon has been long associated with the sexual condition.

The summer fruit which is very refreshing in the middle of summer heat has a higher lycopene concentration compared to other vegetables and fruit. Lycopene is believed as an antioxidant scavenger which is very beneficial for the health.

home remedies for ed with watermelon

In addition, watermelon also has a high citrulline contain which is a nitric oxide stimulator. This substance helps to relax and to expand the blood vessels which also improve the cardiovascular health.

According to a study conducted in 2008, watermelon can be a natural Viagra since the summer fruit contains in richer citrulline. Then, citrulline is converted into arginine by the certain enzyme; the arginine is an amino acid which works as a miracle on the heart as well as the blood circulation system and also boosts the immune system.

The relaxing effect on the blood vessels somehow has the same effect as viagra in order to cure erectile dysfunction.

However, it is still unclear for how much the watermelon intake because high consumption of citrulline can cause citrullinemia and also other urea cycle disorder. It is also important to know that watermelon is basically low in calories and the large calories mostly come from sugars.

Home remedies for ED with watermelon juice is just one of the ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Because there are several other natural remedies for ED such as consuming a pomegranate, ginseng, spinach, and others.

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