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How to Get Better Erections in Healthy Ways?

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Lots of men asks how to get better erections almost all the time. It’s normal and common thing because sexual quality can influence marriage life.

It is true that the risk of erectile dysfunction becomes greater when men age. However, it’s not the only factors to include. There are lost of factors influencing men’s sexual ability.

How they erect, the strength, the size depend on each man. However, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed. If you have poor sexual quality, you still be able to improve it in healthy ways.

Sexual problem relating to satisfaction is not only man’s matter but woman’s as well. Sex influences the relationships. If you have great sexual quality then you can make your partner happy.

Then, it will improve your marriage life automatically. However, even for a healthy looking man, erectile dysfunction may occur. It is commonly happened but completely avoided.

Thus, men will do anything when they get ED even for a short period. Here are some do’s and don’ts about how to get a better erections.

how to get better erections


It is important that you do healthy diet to improve your health system. If you have better health, you will get better erection.

Mr.P consists of soft muscles and those are influenced by blood circulation. You need to improve your blood flow so they can circulate well through your whole body including your Mr.P.

Then, eat healthy foods containing high nutrition. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are good to eat. It’s better to eat food that can improve your heart because better heart leads to better erection.

Then, you have to maintain your stamina by doing physical exercise like doing sports. There are many types of sports you can choose. You may choose the one that can make your heart healthier.

Besides, you need to maintain your mind by staying away from factors that can lead you to stress or depression. Relax mind and positive thinking will help you to solve ed problems.


Men usually think that woman loves hard worker. So they keep on working hard until they forget about how to satisfy their partner sexually.

Then, you have to avoid stressor like working too hard. If you work too hard then it will brush out your stamina. It will make your erection worse instead.

It is important to work hard but not overly too hard. You have to know the time for rest so your body feel relax when doing sex with your partner.

Then, don’t get any closer to alcohol. Drink few shots of alcohol may make you feel relax.

However, remember that alcohol will make you addicted. Hence, it’s better to avoid alcohol no matter what. Instead, you can drink healthy fruit juice everyday.

Continuing your habit of smoking is bad idea. Tobacco is one of the great factors in causing erectile dysfunction. It will lead to serious heart problem and also impotence.

Thus, there is no benefits at all from smoking. It’s better to stop it and get a better erection.

You can replace smoking habits with making conversation with your partner. When you discuss lots of things with her, you don’t have time to smoke anymore.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that how to get a better erections depends on how you maintain your health. It includes physical and psychological health.

For physical health, the main focus is to maintain the health of heart because it’s the main core in blood circulation.

For psychological health, you have to avoid stress like work and rest habits. To have better physical and psychological health, you can start by consuming healthy foods, doing exercise, and thinking positively.

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