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How L Arginine for ED Works?

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Erectile dysfunction has been a huge issue because it impacts on sex quality of couple. Having an erection is what couple like the most and crave for.

Erection includes duration and strength. Hence, when a man gets problem relating to erectile dysfunction or ED, the life of marriage can be ruined.

Sex is one of the most important element in marriage life to build trust, pleasure and love. Therefore, it is important to overcome ED once you get it.

Some men choose to ignore ed, some go to a doctor, and others choose to take supplement like L arginine. What is L arginine and how L arginine for ED works?

L arginine for ED

Let’s Find Out Here

L arginine is amino acid. It functions to make proteins and will become NO or nitric oxide gas in our body. How does it work for erectile dysfunction?

Gas nitric oxide (NO) is beneficial for blood vessel so it can be relax. When blood vessel become more relax, blood circulation will be running well through arteries because more oxygen inside the blood cells.

As you know that penis needs blood flow to get an erection. That’s why, if the blood flow is rich of oxygen, it will make blood circulation in penis to be running well. Thus, a man can perform well through their normal erectile function.

Actually, there is no scientific proof showed that L arginine can cure erectile dysfunction. However, it is used as supplement not direct medication to cure ED. It has been researched as one of potential supplements to improve erectile dysfunction.

Most men have tried to use it as supplements and they feel the improvements of their ED. However, it’s not meant to cure the erectile function totally. The only way you have to do to cure ED is right medication and treatments recommended by doctor.

Sometimes, L arginine supplement is used or combined with another supplements to get better results. Some even include herbs treatment to help improving erectile function.

However, you cannot decide yourself what kind of combination that will be going well. Thus, you still need doctor’s supervision when you decide to take this supplements beside other medication.

Before deciding to take L arginine, you need to know that it has side effects that you have to consider so you will be wise in taking dosage. They are:

L arginine for ED 2

Greater risk of bleeding

As told earlier that L arginine helps to improve blood circulation. Hence, if you take high dosage carelessly, the risk of bleeding will be greater. Hence, be careful on a dosage you take along with combination with other supplements.

Drop blood pressure

L arginine may cause to drop your blood pressure, especially when you take it together with other supplements or medication. Hence, you should consult with your doctor before taking L arginine to cure your erectile dysfunction.

Other side effects

Other side effects of taking L arginine for erectile dysfunction is imbalance potassium in your body which can lead to serious health problem. Besides, it can influence your blood sugar level. Hence, it’s not recommended for those who are suffered from diabetes.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is best to consult with doctor because they know better to decide what kind of medication and treatments for you. Before taking L arginine for erectile dysfunction, try to consult with physician.

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Don’t try to take random pills or supplements carelessly because it can harm your overall health. It is better to try home remedies rather than trying out random medication without doctor’s prescription.

Erectile dysfunction always relates to health problem whether physical or psychological matters. Hence, it is important to improve your overall health to improve your sexual health because healthier man gets better erection.

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