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Maintaining Erections to Make Your Partner Satisfied

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Maintaining erections is not something hard to do for men with health condition and it means when you get problem with your body, you cannot maintain erection and even develop it.

During having sex, maintaining erections for men is the important part because it defines that men have good sexual performance. Sexual performance describes the real condition of you and your partner and when there is something wrong in your body, its performance will not be as you desire.

It can be worst if you cannot maintaining erections during intercourse. It is not only make you feel embarrassed but also your partner will be dissatisfied.

There are numbers of weak erectile causes, both physical and psychological factors. Certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure are causes of erectile dysfunction that you should know.

Generally, older men with erectile dysfunction have one of those diseases and it is the reason they cannot maintaining erections during have sex.

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Follow These Tips for Maintaining Erections

As I describe before that healthy body will keep your sexual performance maximal. On the contrary, you cannot maintain and develop erection when your body is not in good condition.

It means that to keep you maintain erection during have sex, you should keep your healthy body as well.

Here are Some Tips For Men Who Want to Keep Their Sexual Performance

  • The first is checking your health condition. When you realize there is something dysfunction of your sexual performance, you should see the doctor to get the answer of your curiosity.
    You do not feel ashamed to see the doctor or you can arrange an appointment with your GP.
    You are the only one that can help your problem. If you follow your embarrassment, you cannot maintaining erections for long time. Doctor is specialist for this field and trusts him/her to get the best medication for erectile dysfunction.
  • The second is healthy lifestyles. This is simple tip that you can do to keep your healthy body. These include stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking and avoid drugs abuse.
    Bad habits do not only affect your body but also your sexual function. Consuming nicotine, alcohol or drugs will make blood flow to penis blocked and it creates soft erectile.
    Actually, bad habits should be avoided even you have not gotten problem with sexual function because the effects can come lately.
  • The third is get enough nutrition. Nutritional foods also influences your body. If you cannot control your eating habit and get obesity, you also get high risk of erectile dysfunction.
    Try to consuming more vegetables and fruits are recommended.
  • The fourth is exercise. Having exercise regularly will boost your metabolism. You should have 30 minutes exercise everyday to keep your metabolism, even you have no enough time to go to gym. You can have simple cardio exercise at home without any equipment.
    The cause of erectile dysfunction is hormonal imbalance that is why you should check regularly your hormone especially for older men between 40 and 70 years old.
  • The fifth is avoiding certain chemical drugs. If you are athlete you may consume anabolic steroid. It can cause soft erectile if you consume it for long time.
  • The sixth is psychological factor that cause erectile dysfunction is stress and anxiety. You should manage your stress and anxiety.
    If you feel depressed because you work hard, you should take time to get fresh air and me time. It is very useful to manage your stress or you can explore your hobbies on the weekend.
    During intercourse your partner will know something that will help you maintaining erections; discuss what you and your partner can do. Involving your partner to cure erectile dysfunction is highly recommended because she can support you and she is involved with your sexual performance.
    Some men get erectile dysfunction because bad experience or relationship, then when you have counseling with your partner, you two can solve it sooner.
  • The seventh is exploring sex positions. Try to practice some intercourse position because it may keep your blood flow to penis. In addition, wearing condom during having sex can reduce sensitivity of your penis.
    Beside that, wearing condom is safe for sexual performance.

Maintaining erections to make your partner satisfied is not difficult thing because it is same as you keep your healthy body. When you want to keep your penis performance, you should follow tips for keeping healthy body.

Those are checking your health regularly, get nutritional food, having exercise, keep communication with your sex partner, reduce stress, stop drinking alcohol, and quit smoking and also exploring sex position.

Healthy body is the key of maintaining erections and it means you should keep your health if you want to satisfy your partner. The last, you do not be ashamed when you see the doctor to talk about your sexual problem. Because it is important step to cure.

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