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Psychological ED Treatment for Men

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There are two types of causes of erectile dysfunction; physical and psychological factors. Psychological ED treatment is a treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by psychological problem such as stress, trauma and anxiety.

The treatment is different from treatment for physical ED that caused by serious diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney failed.

That is why before you take some treatment for erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to know first the causes of it. However you can know or identify the reasons of erectile dysfunction after reading this article. But, you still need ask the doctor to know exactly what happen to you.

psychological ed treatment

Psychological ED Treatment’s Alternative

There are numbers of treatments used to cure erectile dysfunction but those are based on the cause of it. Older men with serious diseases take treatments for physical erectile dysfunction. While the younger men take psychotherapy to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Psychological illness is also serious problem that cause erectile dysfunction. If you have such problem, you need to see doctor to have counseling.
    Counseling is a treatment for psychological erectile dysfunction, mostly it relates to anxiety, bad experience and trauma.
    If you are sure that you have psychological illness because you have problem with your work, partners or your experience. You need to see doctor that will give you counseling and it is also recommended for you to see doctor with your wife or girlfriend in order to support you.
    The cure of your illness will be faster if you get support from special one in your life. This also helps for you who have problem with your partner, the two of you will get counseling and the process of healing will be easier.
  • The second treatment for erectile dysfunction is sex therapy. Of course this therapy is for couple, you and your partner should see therapist to get treatment relating to sexual dysfunction.
    This therapy should be done by couple, generally they will ask you to do some series activities relating to sexual activity for certain time and it will show the result.
    Sensate focus is an example of sexual therapy for erectile dysfunction and it should be supervised by expert or doctor.
    Sensate focus is therapy that you can do with your partner, you and your partner do not have sex for certain time but you can touch part of each body except genital area include breast.
    After doctor tells you can have sex, you can do that. This needs cooperation between you and your partner.
  • The third treatment for erectile dysfunction relating to psychological factor is psychosexual counseling. This treatment requires you and your partner teamwork because this counseling relate to your relationship.
    This treatment includes talking about issue between you and your partner. The two of you should tell what you feel about your partner during having sex.
    For example some men will get anxiety during having sex because their partner does not show their feeling after having sex. In sum, men feel that their women do not satisfy or enjoy having sex with them.
    If you have counseling, you will know what is it and what your partner feel during sex even you can ask it directly to your partner.
    But not all men can do that because of his pride, counselor will do this for you. In addition, doctor or counselor will give you some advice about having good sex and how to make your partner feel satisfy after it.
    It will make your relationship more harmonious. This is one of psychological ED treatment.
  • The fourth treatment for erectile dysfunction is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This is a therapy involving your mindset.
    Some men get problem with their mindset, they think different with they feel. For example you feel that having sex is not right or you think that it is not normal. Of course this mindset should be omitted because it causes your penis cannot keep erection.
    To get the right therapy for psychological ED is consult it with expert.
  • The fifth psychological ED treatment for men is having pelvic floor muscle exercise. Some men assume that doing some exercise to strengthen pelvic floor muscle can reduce erectile dysfunction.
    Besides that having such exercise is not difficult, you can do it by your self at home.

Those are treatment for psychological erectile dysfunction that you should know if you get such problem. Knowing the causes of erectile dysfunction is important. Because it relates to treatment that you should take in order to get cure sooner.

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What Else?

Then, if you already do one of those treatments but you still not get result, you need to try treatment which has no side effect and natural remedy as well like ED reverser program.

This is not only a treatment but you can get the result beyond your imagination. You do not only can heal from erectile dysfunction but you can have greater sex with your partner. Click this site to get more information.

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