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Now, I Know Reasons for ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

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What did you feel when you are in a sexual activity and your intimate organ cannot enlarge easily? Perhaps, your wife will feel a little bit disappointed because she is in the desire of having sex, but you cannot fulfill it.

That is one of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction; anxiety. You need more time to get your erection or you need something to do with it; using a pill or vacuum pump for example.

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Here are reasons for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Related to Physical Reason

If you have surgery or injury around your penis that affect the pelvic area rope, this can cause ejaculation problem, such as erectile dysfunction. That is because pelvic area is an access of blood to enter penis blood vessel.

Perhaps, there is a barrier of blood circulation due to surgery process. Your illness story also affects reasons for ED.

For instance, you have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, or prostate. These will raise the risk of having erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, if you are smoking and alcoholic, it would be the strong reasons to get erectile dysfunction. After that, the cause also comes from your disorder sleep or metabolic syndrome.

However, the abnormal hormone also can be the reason for ED. It is better for you to have regularly seen your doctor to know your disease story and how to cure it healthily without raising the risk of ED.

Related to Psychological Reason

Emotion plays an important role in reasons for ED. That is because your heart feeling affects brain to raise or down your desire. The most reasons for erectile dysfunction are stress, anxiety, depression, problems with poor communication, or mental illness.

Other psychological reasons are problems in relationship, poor in sex knowledge, bad memory of sexual abuse or sexual experiences, or having first experience of sex activity. Those feelings trigger brain to refuse any sex excitement so you are hard to get erection.

Moreover, they tighten the blood vessel in pelvic area that causes erectile dysfunction. Try to consult your inconvenient feelings to the expert then you may have fun making love with your wife.

Otherwise, you tell your partner about your problem and let her help you to reduce your discomfort feeling. This will aid you to get good communication and happiness.

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Related to Medical Reason

If you have many illnesses story as written above, so you will drink medicine to cure it, right?

Unfortunately, the drugs you drink also would be the reason for ED. Consult to your doctor which medicine causes erectile dysfunction.

Here are some drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction (ED)

  • Diuretics and antihypertensives are the medicine to heal hypertension
  • Fibrates is the treatment to low level of cholesterol
  • Antipsychotics is pills to relieve some mental illness
  • Antidepressants is the medication for depression and several types of pain
  • Corticosteroids is a drug that consists of steroids that are a kind of hormone
  • H2- antagonists is used to cure stomach ulcers
  • Anticonvulsants can treat epilepsy
  • Antihistamine is drug to cure allergic health conditions, for example hay fever
  • Anti-androgens is the pills to control androgens (male sex hormones)
  • Cytotoxics is used in chemotherapy in order to stop cancer spread from dividing and growing.

Related to Other Reasons

For some cases, there are other reasons that cause erectile dysfunction. One of the examples is riding a bike. Most expertise said that there no correlation between riding a bike and erectile dysfunction.

However, the field case found that riding a bike too long ( more than 3 hours) will have higher risk to get erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is advisable to take a rest (15 minutes) after an hour riding.

Another reason is prostate surgery. This is the same with chemotherapy process that will make the nerves in blood vessel trauma. Accordingly, the blood circulations that are needed for erection become interrupted.

To sum up, after you know the reasons for ED, now, you have to know how to relieve it. Visit this website to know best solution for your erectile dysfunction. Moreover, you will have things to do and not to do to cure the problem of premature ejaculation.

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