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Relationship between Smoking and ED

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People has already known that smoking has many negative effects for smokers. That’s why smoking is always connected with erectile dysfunction. Although people knows about it, they still do it.

Why does it happen?

The reason is men believe that smoking is a lifestyle demand, so that the effects seems to be nothing for them. The possibility reason is they don’t find the negative effects of smoking cigarettes yet.

Then, why smoking is related to erectile dysfunction?

Yes, it is related because one of erectile dysfunction causes is smoking cigarettes. There is a causal effect relation between them. Even, a number of studies shows that smoking is the greatest cause of erectile dysfunction.

One of them is a study published in Journal Tobacco. This research showed that people smoke cigarettes everyday too much, the risk of ed more increase.

Moreover, in cigarrate’s cover it is written a slogan that smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, impotent and intrude pregnancy and embryo. In that slogan, it is also explictly explain that there is a relationship between smoking and ED.

The big question which is appears in our mind is how can smoking cause ED? Let’s to dig hole about erectile dysfunction first.

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is defined as an inability of penis to obtain erection during sexual activity. It is caused by blocking vascular to the penis, so that the arteries cannot fill penis with blood.

Smoking and ED – How about the ED’s symptoms?

In the beginning, ED can be marked with obtaining erection in short time during sexual performance (premature ejaculation) frequently and continuously. It will develop to become chronic if a man not only cannot maintain erection longer but also cannot be able to obtain erection at all and feel excitement from his couple.

In this condition, many suffered men become stressful and don’t have self-confidence even can break the relationship if it occurs for several times.


There are two reasons why smoking can cause ED or impotent. Firstly, cigarette contains many poisons in it. One of them is called nicotine.

However, what the influence of nicotine to male’s reproduction healthy is? Nicotines enter into the heart and become precipitates unconsciously. Then, these precipitates hamper arterial blood supply to the heart and the whole body, including to penis.

So that, arteries in penis cannot expand and fill penis with blood although it received sexual arousal signal. It is not surprising that generally ED attacks an active smoker.

Besides it, smoking also can influence quality and quantity of sperms production. In this case, smoking can influence the speed of sperm performance itself. Sperms’ speed is slower, so that it can decrease man’s fertility.

In addition, produced sperm may be deformity. The speed is slower. Although sperm can fertilize ovum, the possibility is the baby born will have physical defect because structure of fertus’ DNA may change. The changes occur as the effect of bad sperm quality.

Hence, those reasons above clearly show the relationship between smoking and ED, is causality.

Based on the relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction above, we have to be aware that smoking cigarettes is not good for our healthy. Of course, to minimize this risk a man should stop smoking habit and change it with healthy lifestyle such as doing some sport activities, consumption healthy foods and maintaining healthy mindset.

If you are a smoker and suffer erectile dysfunction, you should exam and consult it to the doctor sooner. However, when you feel embarrassed in consulting your disease to the doctor, you can search more information about Erectile Dysfunction and solution for it in here.

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