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Stress and ED – How to Control Stress and Overcome ED

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Most people say that Erectile Dysfunction is the disease for men above age 30. Otherwise, this erectile dysfunction is for men, who had illness related to blood pressure such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Nonetheless, their heart feeling and emotion also affect reasons for erectile dysfunction. One of the examples is stress. This full pressure feeling controls the brain to have an erection, therefore it also includes in blood pressure problem.

However, if you want to know what signs of stress are, how can stress cause ED, and how can we control it and cure ED? Here are the answers.

Stress and ED :: What are Signs of Stress?

There are many motives for stress. This can be good things or bad things. For example, if you want to have much money; but your job is very tiring and full of pressure.

This condition can be good news for you that you will get money, yet you need to work under pressure that many people do not like pressure. This will cause stress although in the end you will get much money.

Additionally, other bad experiences on your life will raise the risk of being stress. When you get stress your body will respond it. The most signs occur while somebody is in stress are warned in emotional warning signs and physical warning signs.

For emotional threatening mark, you want to express your anger or sadness, become hard to be focus, and easily get mood changing.

Then, physical notice indication is signaled by sweaty palms, continuing exhaustion, painful in stomach, blood pressure boost, and erectile dysfunction. After knowing the relation among stress and ED, you can be aware to prevent having this erectile dysfunction.

stress and ed

How Can Stress Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Stress and ED (Erectile Dysfunction) are really close related. That is because stress is an emotion where you are discomfort with your condition then you ask your brain to respond the emotion by certain action that will make you do not want to think clearly.

This will surely affect to you desire of having sex. Then this problem causes Erectile Dysfunction; your penis cannot get erection easily. The feeling can narrow the blood vessel in penis area so that the blood circulation is interrupted.

Moreover, stress is not only aroused from emotion, but also from foods and drinks we have. For example, the sour or spicy food can cause stress to our stomach. Drinking coffee, alcohol and smoking are also influencing the brain to have stress. Therefore, treating stress should not only from our own personality, but also from foods and drinks we consume every day.

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How Can We Control Stress and Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Think positively. What you are thinking on your mind, affect the erection of your penis. Do not think of the very high achievement on life because you will be hard to reach it; only live your life as common.

The most important thing is you live the life healthily. Then, face your problem. Do not run from it. Anyone who lives in the world will have problems. Built good relationship with anyone is the key of life.

Do not search for the enemy! It is because relationship difficulty is the most common matter to cause stress. Get talk to your doctor. It is advisable if you feel any disturbance in your stress such as disorder sleep, weight gain or loss, even sweaty plumps and other complain of your body’s reaction according to stress effects.

For the further question about stress and ED, you may send your questions to this website link. Do not forget to always pay attention to your foods and beverages and exercises to make your body healthier.

Therefore, every man in any age is possible to have erectile dysfunction. As written above that there is no age limitation mentioned so that youngster and elderly can have stress. Stress can be controlled by applying healthy life.

To sum up, stress is not only caused by personal problem, but it is also affected by outside matter like from foods or drinks we have daily. Do not forget to open the link to know more how to cure stress and ED because this one is very beneficial for you!

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