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What Causes ED in Terms of the Psychological and Physical Condition?

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Who knows when the disease attacked us and what diseases are attacking us? As was the case in some men, without knowing the conditions and causes, they suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Without knowing the cause, the majority of men with this disease feel shy and not confident, and even reached the level of depression. Surely this is not only worsen the state of man, but a state partner.

Therefore, it is very important for men and their partners to know what causes ed, so the relationship does not end in divorce.

In a related, not just a guy who enjoys the relationship, but she needs to have a normal level of enjoyment. Sometimes, when a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, then he felt embarrassed and insecure because he thinks no longer has masculine in his self, so it is not able to makes his wife.

In fact, it is not to be feared or feared. The most important thing in a relationship is mutual support, so there is trust between them, and relations between them remain intertwined.

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What Causes ED in Life?

Not only for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, but a woman that his partner also need to know what causes ed so that they can support each other and for each other.

Erectile dysfunction can happen to a man in his daily life, especially during sex. In general, a man’s sexual arousal is greater than women. However, for some men who have erectile dysfunction have a level lower sexual arousal.

Nearly the nature and attitude of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction showed no passionate during sex. In fact, he became tired more easily during sex and can not do in a long time.

This can happen due to two factors namely:

  1. a) Psychological Impotence
  2. b) Physical Condition

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Psychological Terms?

what causes edIn most cases, erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of man can not maintain an erection of his penis because their psychological impotence.

Causing psychological state of mind and feelings are not able to respond with a strong sex, so that the penetration erection becomes a failure.

In psychological terms, erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of lower levels of sexual arousal in men. This is caused by the performance of nerves, blood vessels and muscles that are not normal, and accompanied by unstable emotions.

A man who had high levels of stress and mental health interrupted the easier it will suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, you as a man need to balance the mental level of your emotions so you do not become low. Excessive anxiety and mentally are not strong also capable for causing erectile dysfunction. As well as with many thoughts in your mind that also makes you depressed.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Peak Physical Condition?

In the case of physical conditions, is certainly very evident and when a man is tired of the physical condition is not stable, it is very easy to make him feel listless during intercourse.

To that end, the physical conditions need to be considered, because a man’s sexual arousal is triggered by strong physical condition and fresh. You should know that sexual relations involving the brain by nerve cells, also with emotions and feelings, as well as hormones, muscles and blood vessels.

When you feel tired, by physically unstable, it will appear and thoughts are not focused when you have sex. Conditions like these that lead to erectile dysfunction, and should soon be avoided so as not to aggravate your erection.

In addition, what causes ed affecting the physical? The answer is a disease suffered by you today. Diseases and also medications you’re taking could affect your erection. Some diseases that affect erection is:

  1. Heart disease
  2. The existence of high cholesterol and the amount of fat in your body
  3. Diabetes mellitus and increased levels of insulin
  4. Obesity in your body
  5. Blood vessels are not smooth
  6. Blood pressure that is too high
  7. Peyronie’s disease which makes the development of scar tissue inside the penis

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by trauma arising after surgery. The emergence of the injury on the body can also affect the disease. Events are also capable of being physically weak due to rarely sleep and too often consume alcohol.

Maintain a healthy body is certainly very important not only to maintain the stability of your body but also to maintain the level of erection, so the relationship you and your partner will stay in touch.

Because, in most couples can not maintain their relationship just because of this problem. But, after finding out the cause of erectile dysfunction, will require mutual trust and support between the two sides, so that the relationship will remain intertwined.

After learning some of the factors what causes ed, you should as a man unable to stop in order not to weaken the level of your erection. It does need to be avoided in order not to aggravate your physical condition which is likely to lead to higher rates of depression.

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