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What Causes of Weak Erections That You Should Know?

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Weak erection or soft erection is condition when men cannot maintain and develop erection, this situation is caused by some reasons both physical and psychological factors.

Erection is condition when blood flow and fill two chambers which are called corpora cavernosa, of course it makes penis larger and firmer. Erection also is activated by impulses that come from brain to genital nerves. When there is a blocked flow of blood, it makes penis cannot erect well.

Everyman have risk of erectile dysfunction, especially for those who have bad habits or unhealthy lifestyles. That is why you should know first what causes of weak erections or erectile dysfunction.

What Causes of Weak Erections?

There are numerous causes of weak erection or erectile dysfunction such as serious illnesses and psychological factors. Everyman with weak erection problem show different causes and the doctor can explain what happen with you and suggest you to certain medication.

It is very important for men with sexual dysfunction consult it with doctor first to know the right medication and you need to know the real condition of your body.

Generally, weak erection or erectile dysfunction occur at older men because they tend to get serious diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and multiple sclerosis as well.

Those diseases affect impulses and also flow of blood to penis. That is why when you see doctor to discuss about weak erection, he or she will ask you to examine your health condition include blood sugar test.

what causes of weak erections

Here are Series of Causes of Weak Erections That You Should Know to Prevent It

  • The first is bad habit or unhealthy lifestyle. Bad habit is the main cause of weak erection; smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs abuse.
    If you are smoker, you have high risk of impotence and it will be worsen when you drink alcohol as well.
    Research shows that men with bad habit get more risk than some who do not smoke and drink alcohol. That is why you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol if you do not want to get weak erection.
    Nicotine and alcohol are dangerous chemicals for your body. It can block flow of blood and also it disturb blood vessel in penis.
    Changing bad habit is not for they who get erectile dysfunction; even you do not feel any harm, if you are smoker you should quit right now.
  • The second cause of weak erection relate to lifestyle is less exercise. Having exercise regularly is your body’s need because it can boost your metabolism and it prevents from obesity.
    Some men get sexual dysfunction because they are obesity. Thus, you should have exercise 3 times a week at least or you can do some cardio exercise at home.
  • The third is surgery, if you had surgery for prostate, you get high risk of erectile dysfunction because it affect blood vessel, and cancer is example of disease that can happen with your penis.
    Surgery will damage your vessel eternally but you can get medication to heal it, even you will need long enough time about six to eighteen months.Actually, serious illness such as cancer relates to bad habit like smoking and drinking alcohol, healthy lifestyle is the answer.
  • The fourth is medication, some medication cause erectile dysfunction such as antidepressant or medication for blood pressure.
    If you are taking some medication and get weak erection, you should consult to your doctor and do not stop your medication without your doctor’s supervision.
  • The fifth is psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, tiredness and lack confident. Those illnesses can make you get problem with your penis. If you have not serious illness, you may get the problem from mental illnesses.
    Then, you should meet doctor to have counseling for mental illnesses.
  • The sixth is bicycling; some researchers assume that men who ride bicycle for many hours in a week have high risk for weak erection. It is because the design of bicycle seat affects perineum and flow of blood.
    That is why you should pay more attention to your bicycle design if you are really want to bicycling.

Those are answer of your question ‘what causes of erection?’.

What causes of weak erections?

Those are physical and psychological factor. It is important to know the causes of erectile dysfunction before you take medication, because medication will be more effective if it is appropriate.

Consulting to your doctor is the first right step to get information about your condition. Do not forget to tell what you feel honestly, and since when you suffer weak erection. Do not be ashamed to take medication and if you want to take medication without doubt, you can try to do a program for treating erectile medication such as ED Reverser.

This program will help you to get more confident when you perform in front of your partner. Besides that, it is safe for every man with this kind problem. So, try and get healthy with this program and click here to get more information.

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