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What Helps ED Those Fix Your Problem?

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Having erectile dysfunction is something that really bother you and you need helps to heal and satisfy your partners as well. When you get problem with your sexual performance i.e. erectile dysfunction, the first think on your mind is what helps ED.

Erectile dysfunction is condition when men cannot keep and develop erection during intercourse, of course this is very serious problem for some.

There are some causes for erectile dysfunction both physical and psychological factors even the main cause is bad habit such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Actually, you can know what the reasons of erectile dysfunction if you realize that your habit is not healthy.

what helps ed

What Helps ED

Medications for erectile dysfunction are developed by many medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies. It follows the increase of men with erectile dysfunction.

If you get erectile dysfunction, the first thing you should do is to see your doctor. Your doctor will give you information and suggest some medications. It is important to know some preventive action and also medication for erectile dysfunction.

What helps ed? Erectile dysfunction is condition that relate to sexual dysfunction and unhealthy lifestyles are the main reason of this problem. Then, here are some helps for ED that you should know.

  • The first is healthy lifestyles, as I mention before that bad habit affect sexual performance both men and women. For men bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol is worst for health.
    Smoking cigarette for long time cause artery narrower and it destruct blood flow. If you are smoker and you get erectile dysfunction, you should quit smoking now.
    It is also for a drunk, alcohol is really bad for health, you should avoid and stop drinking alcohol for your health.
    Treatments for erectile dysfunction are various and you should know them. The first treatment is healthy habits; having exercise regularly, losing weight, quit smoking and stop drinking. Exercise should be part of your daily activity even it is just for 30 minutes.
    Whether you have no enough time to go to fitness area, you can do some strength exercise at home without any equipment.
    Then, if your body is overweight, you need to reduce it because some men got problem with erectile dysfunction caused obesity.
  • The second is Viagra, this is remedy that most men know as the best medicine for weak erection. There are various Viagra and herbal is the safest for treatment. This treatment is the easiest treatment but it has benefit and risk as well.
    Mostly Viagra and levitra has side effects such as headache, facial flashing, nasal congestion and also upset stomach.
    Actually, doctor will tell you the benefits and also risks of certain medication. Thus, you will be ready to face all effects of medication after your doctor tells it to you.
  • The third is testosterone replacement and its side effects are acne, breast enlargement, gum irritation and increase urination.
  • The fourth is non-drug treatments; these are vacuum pump, vessel surgery and penile implant. These treatments have side effect like surgery; infection.
  • The fifth is panax ginseng, this traditional medicine has been proven can treat erectile dysfunction even it is quite difficult to get this thing.
  • The sixth is dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA; this is a hormonal therapy and treatment for 6 months with DHEA will solve this problem.
  • The seventh is L-Arginine; an amino acid that helps maintains erection. The eighth is acupuncture, some studies show that acupuncture can help men with erectile dysfunction and you can try it.

Those are helps for erectile dysfunction that you should know if you have such problem.

After you know what helps ed, you need to know as well some prevention action. Here are those prevention actions for ed.

  • The first is simple exercise; walking. When you have a little time, it is better for you to spend it by walking.
    Then, you can walk to your work place if it is possible. This simple act will decrease the risk of weak erection and also make your body healthier.
  • The second is healthy food; taking right food means what you eat make your body health. It is because eating nutritional food boosts your metabolism.
  • The third is controlling your vascular condition include level of sugar blood, blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • The fourth is strengthen muscle, having exercise for strengthen muscle include pelvic floor muscle.

Those are easy steps for avoiding erectile dysfunction and you can do it even you have no enough time for going to fitness. Besides treatments and preventive actions for erectile dysfunction, you should try to follow program for erectile dysfunction medication.

Of course, the program should be natural and it has no side effects. Then, the program should be proven for example you can try ED reverser. This is recommended program and you just click to know more about this program and how it works.

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