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Why Can’t I Get Hard: First Things to Do When Getting ED

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Why can’t I get hard? This question is the most terrible question for some men in the world. Most men can not satisfy his wife because he suffers from erectile dysfunction or impotence.

We already know that there are so many causal factors of erectile dysfunction. So, when you want to treat it, you must understand these factors. However, we will give you advice and tips when you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Just Consider these tips below.

why can’t I get hard

1. Don’t Panic

This is the first thing that you need to consider when you at the first time know that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. You do not need to panic and think negatively.

You might be afraid of your wife will be upset, do not let your wife know your erectile dysfunction. Give a rational reason why you can not have sex, for example, you can tell her that you are too tired.

2. Immediately Take Action

When you know that you have erectile dysfunction, you should immediately take action. In this case, you have to understand the factors that cause why your penis cannot erect in a long time.

Perhaps, you are too stress, fatigue, depression, or lack of vitamin. Or you can directly consult with your doctor to make it clear what happens to you.

3. Consume Herbs

There are many kinds of herbs that you can consume to increase your sexual desire and can cure erectile dysfunction.

For example, you can consume ginseng, L-arginine contained herbs, vitamins, and much more. You also can buy a supplement that has been formulated from some of these herbs.

In summary, “why can’t I get hard?” This question must have the answer where you can cure your erectile dysfunction using several ways. However, you have to understand firstly what may cause it, then you can get a medical treatment for it.

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