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Why Can’t I Get Hard? A Wife Role to Find the Solution

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Why can’t I get hard? You have to know the cause of erectile dysfunction, then you should find a solution how to overcome them.

A wife’s role is very important when you want to see your husband back to normal. As a wife, you must care about your husband. Therefore, you should consider the following when the husband finds you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

why can’t I get hard? a wife role to find the solution

1. Do not Panic

When you know that your husband experiences erectile dysfunction, then you should not panic. Your panic will only make your husband mentally drop and lose the spirit. Calm your mind firstly, then speak with your husband well to find a solution.

2. Don’t Insult Your Husband

Many women feel disappointed because the genitals of their husbands do not work well when having sex. Thus, due to their disappointment, in the end, they insult their husbands and make their husbands feel down.

Do not do this, as a wife who loves your husband, you have to help him to find a solution.

3. Help Him to Cure

If this really happens to your husband, you should be indifferent to him. The role of a wife is to find the cure so that your husband gets normal.

How to do it? Ask him to go to a doctor for a checkup. Find out what happens actually, or you can also bring him to a psychiatrist whether he has problems.

In summary, why can’t I get hard? Your husband may ask this question and wonder how to cure it. That is why as a wife, you have an important role for this matter.

Don’t leave him due to his erectile dysfunction problem. You may feel disappointed, but you have to care about him anyway. Don’t let your family broken because of this issue, that is really embarrassing anyway. Stay give positive support to your husband.

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